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Buying scientific glass

Hey blades I been looking at some quality glass for around 200. Choice 1: Stemline from smileyagent with carbon filter and dd slide…
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Re: Dirty Bastards

This should be interesting DD.  Thanks…  QuoteAn astonishing 20 to 30 percent of our money goes to bureaucracy and paperwork.refer to my sig…Via…
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Re: favorite Hubble image of the year

Just UNREAL!!! I luv looking at the Hubble imagez. The mind can really start to wonder when looking at the pikz. thankx DD!Via…
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The brain of DD

Quote: Originally Posted by dirtydingusus (Post 6663608) i have always felt i could do anything! the funny part is – it was little…
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fuck bitchs

ok so probly in the wrong section but it didnt let me post in real life stories or w.e. it is so here…
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Need to make a piece

Sup guys haven’t been here for a while but hopefully you guys can pull through for me. Long story short I broke the…
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