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How do I know if a drug dealer from my school is trustable?

Title says it all, he seems kind of sketchy, im a new toker, he goes to my school, if he rips me off…
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begin in grow tent! help seeds and light plz

hi, im new to this site, new to this thing too! i smok for yearsss now but price in my area go crazy…
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Seized Up Stoner

Hello, im a 19 year old female pothead. Been oking since i was 13 everyday all day. I recently quit to start achool…
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Dealers and Tobacco!

Hi guys! I recently came back from an epic holiday in cali! I really need to find a dealer but I live in…
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Anybody watch "Ideal" on netflix?

This show on Netflix called “Ideal” about a small time weed dealer, I found it pretty funny and enjoyable! Great to watch high…
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Sick from vaping oil

I usually vape sativas. I like that light trippy sort of high. The other day I vaped some oil using an eclipse. Afterwards…
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