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Another reason to hate Apple

I need to use my ipad2, what was advertised possible, as a remote viewfinder device for my digital camera. So I downloaded the…
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So I find this video about I would like to share you guys…(only registered users can se the link, login or register) So…
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Best Smoking Apparatus’ You’ve Ever Made!

Since I am saving up money for a Bong I have decided to make my own temperary one for the time being… It…
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Stealth Autonomy/remote solar

Hey, this is my second post, thanks for having me. I’m wondering if anyone has heard, or knows anything about outdoor, solar-powered, autonomous…
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Ordering my first bong and need some help.

I already know what I’m getting and all that jazz, but what I need to know is: What does the package look like…
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Medical Alert Systems

Medical alarm can save your life at the time of emergencies. Medical alarm is an emergency button which is used for the time…
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