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Going to (attempt) to beat Chrono Trigger in a day

Alright its my day off and I have my snes hooked up. I got about a gram of hash and a fresh 1/8.…
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How do you wipe your ass?

ASSuming you use TP to begin with, are you a sitter or stander? Which way is cleanest and most proficient? What do you…
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What to buy off amazon?????

It has to be allowed, because it has to be legal cause its off Amazon… Discuss cheap weed related anazon items, as well…
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Majora’s Mask was better than Ocarina of Time

Discuss.Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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Deja vu.

I hope I spelled that correctly.Okay well do you all have this?If so how often?Do you remember your dreams each time?Does this happen…
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Hellen Keller…

You guys think Hellen Keller masterbated? I mean she used her hands to communicate, so perhaps by masterbating she communicated with herself (akin…
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