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"growth patterns more suited to male plants"

Quote: Originally Posted by lalaman33333 (Post 15406757) :O even more astonishing news today 🙂 after switching to 12/12 for ONE DAY and giving…
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Grow help. Please read

Hello Gc I have a group of clones that I recently transplanted into 8 inch pots. I found the beginnings of fungus knats.…
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Please help my girls are not doing well

I NEED HELP ASAP!! first i will tell you my set up. i have a veg room with a two foot florecent tubes…
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Outdoor Growing : my ladies are suffering

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: my ladies are sufferingPosted: 02June2012 at 16:33 the water comes from a…
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Re: Pain management clinic’s

Ratzilla,I would feel remiss,if I didn't give you a warning here.Pain pills are addicting.Even on a low dose(Vicodan is like 1/2 mil.morphine and…
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Easy Ryder 150 W HPS – first grow

Hi all, it’s been 32 days since i germinated my two EZs but just now I decided to have a journal because I…
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