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lemon balm question PLEASE HELP

cant seem to find the answer anywhere i doubt any1 else can i have a lil grow box setup for some clones i…
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A Challenge to the runoff PPM proponents

Ok I’m new -that’s obvious- and I want to challenge some ideas/miconceptions -that will become apparent- and I’d like to start with the…
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designing a mother box?

hey blades, ive been thinking about getting some seeds of a favourite strain.. and growing kind of a master mother. ideally i would…
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Indoor Growing : big problem!!!

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: big problem!!!Posted: 27March2012 at 20:26 The last pic makes me think ur…
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I’m going to see Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney tonight

that’s right, the two airheads are campaigning in central illinois, where i live. now i’m not planning on voting for anyone at all…
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ATF Full Melt Ice Water Hash @ Nomad’s Landing

We recently took down a small ATF plant, which we had probably left up drying for a bit too long… the buds were…
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