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600 watt + 400 watt or one 1000 watt?

I currently have 1 400 watt hps. I want to upgrade to 1000 watts but don’t really want to spend 290+ dollars to…
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Should i buy this?

Dealer offering me an eighth (3.5 g’s) of trainwreck for $35. I’ve had this before and it’s fire. I wanna do this but…
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**11/11/11**slc smoke shops raided????

anyone in the salt lake city area know about all the head shops being raided? they are taking all the potpourri,salvia, and shit…
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Long term storage

I have run out of storage room and am out of half gal jars.I still have some plants left to cure. ""What would…
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what to do ?!?!?!

hey guys, i just recently got my new space case ! well heres the story, hopefully u can tell me what to do.…
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its gonna frost in a few hours and i think my plants are still premature. what should i doVia (only registered users can…
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