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DEA: Armored cars can’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana is legal in California, but the combination of valuable drugs and what is often a cash-only business can attract some rough…
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Beer keg-shaped marijuana bale washes up on Florida beach

Working as a lifeguard in South Florida is more than just about keeping your eyes open in case somebody drowns. It’s also about…
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Massive scam sends California teens to drug rehab for no reason

When President Obama took office in 2009, his Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy proclaimed that the new administration would…
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Box Corner: I love you Mary Jane

Today is my 15th anniversary with Miss Mary Jane, a long and torrid love affair that will not end with a baby named…
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Ivy League professor wants all drugs legalized, mocks marijuana use

Growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood in the 1970’s, Carl Hart was no stranger to life on the streets. One of eight…
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NORML calls for Colorado THC-DUI bill re-do after state health department incompetence exposed

Last week, defense attorneys weighed in on a damning March report aimed at the Colorado toxicology lab, which conducts blood tests for cases…
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