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Bringing bud on family vacations?

Whats up GC? Tomorrow my dad, brother and I are driving 7 hours to the Black Hills. We are meeting my Grandmother out…
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Who else HATES Cockblocks!?

Every man’s been there. You’re in some club, there’s some hot girl who’s giving you the eye. She’s obviously drunk but fuck it…
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Sandbox GBA games?

Are there any fun sandbox GBA games? I play them on my phone a lot when I get fucked up.. but since I’m…
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When Drunk

You kick me fro ma lobby because you got a clan member joing. Without letting me know. Pussy shit. I demand respect when…
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I saw my brother today, haven’t seen him in awhile. Was a goo visitation. Miss the fuck out of him. Hope he doesn’t…
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Liveleak: Drunk guy throws up noodles all over himself

Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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