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Magic Flight + Ozium + Carbon Sploof = Enough to combat Sour D and drug dog parent?

Hey all! Been lurking the forums a few weeks now and finally got around to making an account :wave: I’m home from college…
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How to cover the smell

Originally, this thread was intended to offer suggestions on eliminating or covering (only registered users can se the link, login or register) odors…
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Dryer Sheet Weed

Ok, I got this really fire shit the other day. It wreaks so much that you could smell it through the pill bottle,…
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Smell problem? Ghetto sploof?

So basically, i’m back at my parents house for the weekend, and i’m downstairs watching tv. I’m tryna toke up while my parents…
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The ultimate incognito setup

Hi everyone I am new to these forums, and the beauty of marjuana. I’m just some kid living with his parents. Feel free…
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Activated charcoal in sploof?

I have been smoking inside without a sploof for a while. My question is whether you could replace the dryer sheets in a…
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