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ISO Hash Not Drying Properly. Help?

So I made this iso hash batch following hashmouf’s guide. Only difference was that I used 70% alcohol. The hash has already dried…
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Drying outdoors plan?

What’s up everyone, now that I’m beginning to plan my outdoor grow I’ve come across one flaw. Where I’m going to dry and…
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Drying and cureing while away?

My babe is hopefully going to be ready by the time that I go on winter break. Which means I’m going to be…
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Drying Question

Ive been drying now for 1 week. my buds seem alittle brittle…. why is that and will they still harden up. they seem…
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Drying out Bud

Ok so my misses left a satty of bud in her jumper pocket and I washed it and it got soaked. What are…
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General : New Technology of Drying Plant

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: New Technology of Drying PlantPosted: 13July2011 at 05:04 ZONEDING machine has been…
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