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Dutch Passion Think Different Auto, Nirvana Northern Lights Auto – CFL, Closet Grow

Germinating them right now. Using 125 watt CFL and 4 T5 fluorescent. Fox Farm soil and nutrients. Via (only registered users can se…
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Curing -Question-

Hello, i have done my first cultivation and harvest of BlueBerry Dutch Passion. Im on the curing state right now… but it has…
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Its Ironic !

The UK began the mmj movement in a way when GW pharmaceuticals identified that cannabis has medicinal value in the early 00’s then…
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Indoor Grow Diaries : Dutch Passion Auto Mazar grow diary

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Dutch Passion Auto Mazar grow diaryPosted: 31May2012 at 16:41 Best of luck…
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Dutch Court Upholds Ban On Foreigners Buying Marijuana

Radio Netherlands WorldwideThe “Wietpas” (Weed Pass) will exclude foreigners from the Dutch coffee shops where cannabis is soldA Dutch court on Friday upheld…
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First grow Australia

So. Here I go. I’m starting my first grow. I’ll take a pic of it after it fully sprouts Details Strain: Samsara seeds…
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