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L.A. City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Where’s Weed?Advocates Outraged; Vow To Reverse New Law With A ReferendumThe Los Angeles City Council, after having flirted with the idea for some…
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Signature Gathering Drive For Marijuana Initiative Successful

Citizes for Patient RightsCitizens for Patient Rights, in association with the Patient Care Association, on Wednesday submitted 961 signatures to allow and regulate…
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Mother’s Day wishes

Happy mother’s day to all you mothers and grandmothers on the forum. This next bowl is for all of you:DVia (only registered users…
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Container organic gardening

Hi,:wave: I have been lurking for a while now and have read all the stickies but have not seen my one concern addressed.…
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just checked my seedlings..

And they have all just popped! an hour before 420. 420 arrived an hour early for me 😀Via (only registered users can se…
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Smoker studying abroad in Salzburg!

So I have been reading threads here since a long time and finally decided to register :hello:. I am now studying abroad in…
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