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Did Tough Mudder today

The weather was terrible. A blizzard almost after a couple weeks of shorts weather. Rediculous. Especially considering your wet the whole time and…
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begin in grow tent! help seeds and light plz

hi, im new to this site, new to this thing too! i smok for yearsss now but price in my area go crazy…
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Is it possible for oil/electricity/food/water to run out?

Well it got me thinking.. our lifestyle is so great compared to less fortunate countries.. I mean we aren’t the greatest country in…
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Indoor Growing : Electricity bills

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Electricity billsPosted: 05May2012 at 17:03 No, you don’t have to convert for…
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4 – 600w lights in 1 tent. HOW to run all this electricity???

So here’s my setup. 1 Tent that measures at 72x72x72 (6x6x6) Currently this is my setup. 2 600w lights hovering over 2 plants.…
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120vs 240

alright lets just start by saying I almost know what i’m doing when it comes to electricity, I can wire a house but…
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