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hello from the highlands

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: hello from the highlandsPosted: 28June2013 at 23:04 Autoflowers are strong plants and…
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NEVILLES HAZE – GHS – 600W HPS Flower Day 12

Hey-o folks welcome. :wave: As you all may already know or assume from things you may have read, this particular plant can be…
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im like… charming or something high or something

When I’m sober I am usually having constant negative self talk which results in me not being able to react well to interaction…
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Teas For Future Flavor?

I have a sort of 2 in 1 question: 1) Would using some form of organic herbal tea (peppermint, or perhaps lavender) help…
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the housing bailout worked so well, now its time to do the same magic for College loans!

u have got to be fucking kidding me here. ok ill lay this out really quick because i just have to get my…
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Wtf… Where did it go wrong?!?

Ok gc. Someone please tell me why my end result looks like this. Other than this being my first grow, please help me…
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