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oil extraction

Whats happenin everybody? I just cropped my first two plants, trimmed them and hung them up to dry. My question is I’m anxious…
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Will USA Army Support President Elected by Prostitutes & Porn Stars?

There is tremendous disdain for Obama within the armed forces The biggest problem with democracy and elections is that everybody can vote. So…
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ATT D.E.A. And other enforcement agencys

Hi My name is not important I have a offer and I speak for everybody that smokes dope with no criminal intention Leave…
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What kind of stoner are you?

What i mean is, are you the secretive stoner where only your stoner circle knows you smoke, or does everybody know you smoke.…
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Ridiculous night

So yesterday I got out of work at 5, and hung out with my friend who left for a 3 week vacation this…
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Buying a New Bowl, I Don’t Like Any

Hey everybody. I’m wanting to buy a new 14mm bowl for my bong. I can’t seem to find any I like, online that…
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