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Job applications

Hey everyone. What are some regular jobs that don’t drug test? Everyone at my job has become less than helpful, so I have…
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Chill out

Hey everyone. I released a new track this morning. It’s more upbeat than previous releases. So I think it might catch a few…
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Re: Tucker Max quote of the day

Stripper ?Well, that?s your opinion, and you know opinions are like ass- holes, right? Everyone?s got one.?Tucker ?Opinions are NOT like assholes. You…
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So, how many of you have heard of one of the most glorious and timeless music genres, originating in Greece? Those guys used…
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Yellowing spotted fan leaves

What’s up everyone, I’m about 5 weeks into flowering and I’m starting to have some problems. What do you guys think this could…
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Turboklone 24 site w/ ART-dne

I picked up the Art to help with heat issues in the turboklone. What is the best setting on the ART to use…
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