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Isolated Aeroponic – Hydropionc System Hybrid: 1000W with Laboratory Altered Strain

Greeting everyone, This is my second journal in these forums and I have used everything I have learned from this community to deliver…
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Harvest heavy with half the light

The Marijuana Horticulture Bible is a great book! I have a closet space 3 feet square by 4 feet tall. I want to…
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The Bloombox – Indoor Grow Boxes

It’s nice to have your support on such needed answers! I want to buy a Quick Grow Seed to Bloom Box. Is it…
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I watched your grow DVD and it helped a lot but something that it didn’t talk about was regenerating. From what I read…
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Since I published the letter by JT I have received a number of letters from people who appreciate marijuana but have unpleasant reactions…
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I have some seedlings in small containers growing inside. They are a few centimeters high. I want to do early sexing then grow…
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