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Re: Maybe its time to chill a bit

Frenzys journey into the jungle thread comes to mind as a good example. (Not exactly.the same but..)or the rant thread…..Good idea lazy boy.…
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So much more to music than you think

Well, I was listening to A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar. And I feel like every line has its own special meaning that you actually…
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Calibrated my scale and messed it up grams now read 000.0 Grams please help fix

So i have an AWS scale. I decided i wanted to calibrate it so i held the mode button and CAL came up…
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What are you scared of?

So guys, what are you scared of? 😀 For example, I’m scared of clowns and spiders, and the circus :bolt: Let’s keep this…
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cutting down on toking / mood disorders

so ive tokin for some years now and recently wanted to cut down i use to smoke about 3-5 times a day, now…
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rise above

when the world gets you down, just bring yourself to a higher place… i know it’s hard sometimes when we get caught up.…
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