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Cannabis, Cancer, Zoey, and a life I hadn’t expected.

My 8 year old Black Lab has been diagnosed with Stage 3, B cell Type Lymphoma. The very day we found out, we…
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people who dont tip…

what the hell is your problem? I make $4.63 an hour cause customers are expected to tip 15-20% of the bill. Why? cause…
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Vermont Marijuana Dispensaries Expected By Summer

?Vermont’s first medical marijuana dispensaries could be slightly delayed by Tropical Storm Irene, but are expected to begin to open this summer.A law…
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Expected Yield? Good co2 Regulator?

Hey any guesses on what this 1 plant will yield under roughly 640 watts of light, Im going to get my 20lb co2…
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Just ate a resin firecracker:

Pro’s: Tastes like cooked penutbutter + cracker (NOT LIKE WEED OR HOW I EXPECTED IT AT-ALL) Gets you a tinybit high Con’s: My…
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