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How high do dabs get you?

In my six years of toking, I have yet to vaporize hash on a healthstone or nail and dome, although I would like…
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Indoor Growing : High night time temperatures.

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: High night time temperatures.Posted: 10September2012 at 17:38 i don’t recall cervantes mentioning…
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Overwatering possibly

I was wondering if anyone would give an opinion on growth of these two plants and possible reason for the drooping of leaves…
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Re: Any personal experiences with Cannaseur seed bank ?

i get that cookie thing too and im sure you will have a positive experience i just hope they bring the chitrali#1 backVia…
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QuantumLED Zeppelin 288W Grow Light any good?

Hi:wave: Anyone have any experience with the QuantumLED Zeppelin 288W Grow Light? It’s important that it’s pretty much silent. The fans on my…
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Anyone know about these incense?

Well I’m from a small town so it’s very hard to get actual marijuana so I wanted to know if anyone has any…
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