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so i’ve done my reasearch, now can anyone give me a quick rundown of the overview, wat i should expet, thangs i can…
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Long term drug tests

I want to join the Navy and become a Navy SEAL, nonetheless go to the academy. I probably smoked weed 5 times, and…
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but wait??!!?

okay, so lets just say im outta papers and i cant get a hold of any and i want to use something else.…
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I’ve been smoking for years but only recently began smoking a lot of joints, my question is, (although I can roll.. semi-well) how…
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Home made smoke buddy

I’ve been hearing a lot about the smoke buddy, so I decided I wanted one. I went to my towns only head shop,…
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Designerz Bag of Weed

By Designerz Whatup peeps, i got a real treat for you all…well i hope it will be :devious: Let me tell you a…
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