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A plea to practice picking each other up, instead of picking each other apart

A lot of people are having rough times right now IRL. And rather than tearing each other apart, because of the times…. Why…
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Some advice for apprentice tokers!

Just a little advice I’de figure I would share that was given to me by one of my cousins. I know it may…
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Anyone played on a hockey/ football team?

okay i been smoking for about 2 years now, and i try not to smoke many blunts just for the fact that i…
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Re: Reasons why I hate FEMINIZED seeds

I don't see bodhi having problems selling his beans.. as a matter of fact, they sell out VERY fast..I can see where you…
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Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Fight Back With PSA

Michigan medical marijuana patients are in a fight for their lives.Despite the fact that an overwhelming 63 percent of voters approved their medical marijuana…
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Its Ironic !

The UK began the mmj movement in a way when GW pharmaceuticals identified that cannabis has medicinal value in the early 00’s then…
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