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Sen. Ron Wyden blames marijuana users for federal industrial hemp bill failure

After his federal industrial hemp bill failed to move forward late last week, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden wagged his finger in shame not…
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As growers of earth’s most sought after plant we are constantly in search of ways of increasing the yield. Anywhere from pruning a…
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Check out my new workout routine Plus my modified way for calories/protein

I am going to get back up at my old weight so here is the old school work out plan(20 rep squats+milk) that…
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Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana: New Poll

uri.eduTwo-thirds of adults in the United States believe the “War On Drugs” has been a failure, and a majority continue to call for…
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Rise in Teen Marijuana Use Shows Failure of War on Drugs

Youth PartnersDespite 750,000 Annual Marijuana Possession Arrests, Teens Consistently Report That Marijuana is Easier to Obtain Than AlcoholTeen Cigarette Smoking Continues Dramatic Decline…
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Repeal: Fixing Our Government’s Control Over Cannabis

American History BlogBy Anthony MartinelliSensible WashingtonThere are many who agree that cannabis prohibition is a failure; there are fewer who agree what to…
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