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Outdoor Growing : my ladies are suffering

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: my ladies are sufferingPosted: 02June2012 at 16:33 the water comes from a…
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Seedling into soil + cow poop

Hello, After following the fantastic Germination 420 guide I’ve got a couple seeds ready to go. I’m aware fertiliser is not required off…
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brown spots and yellowing leaves

Please help, my plants are in their final two weeks of flowering (8week and 9) and they started yellowing and getting these brown…
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i have just been out shopping and i found a reasonably cheap fertiliser so i thought i would pick it up and find…
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first grow – indoor autoflower

To start it off, it’s my first grow ever, and I know nothing about growing. That includes ph, watering, light, nutrients, soil etc…
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Problem with bigger leaves

Hi! I have a problem with my plant bigger leaves. When leave growing bigger, leaves tips and edges stay brown and dry out.…
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