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Moringa fertilizer?!

A friend is trying to desperately to convince me that Moringa is a great nute for plants. What are your thoughts on this…
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is this plant flowering? (pics inside)

well i’m a newbie and i can’t really tell if this plant it’s begun to flower or not. should have switched to flowering…
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Should I keep feeding?

I have a Trinity kush from emerald triangle that is about two to three feet tall almost halfway through flowering. Over the past…
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I’m wondering which chemicals are good, or bad to your crop. So far I have someBeauty Grow Tree Tanglefoot Paste (Crawler Paste) Bordo…
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Outdoor Growing : Please help a new fellow!

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Please help a new fellow!Posted: 22April2012 at 17:56 im new to auto’s…
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School uses smelly fertilizer to snuff out 4/20 rally

School uses smelly fertilizer to snuff out 4/20 rally 11 hrs ago April 20 is just a few days away, and while the…
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