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The GrassCity Confessionals

Hey guys I did a search for this but surprisingly no one has made a thread for it. Anyway, who else here loves…
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Help with air ratio in soil please!!

I am soon going to be outdoor guerilla growing with a pot. This will be my first grow and I hear a lot…
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Re: Couple questions

I ,too, used to do the same as you Obi. Try my method:I did away with the fine screen bags altogether. I do…
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Public smoking ban.

So I was just browsing various sites trying to find a job in town, and I came across many articles saying that on…
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Its a constitutional right now!!!!!

Ive been trying to find out what the law is concerning ganja where I live in spain and woke up this morning to…
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small buds 6 weeks flowering

i am growing a thai super skunk from g13 labs it is about 6 weeks into flowering, the buds are very small and…
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