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Quality of a CVS test

Hello, so I recently got caught again with marijuana and my parents have finally taken action and are starting to drug test me.…
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Quick help!!

is there another substitute for aluminum foil cause im out, i wanna make a quick firecracker before i head out to school please?Via…
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Bud to Trim Ratio

I made a firecracker the other night with 0.5g of Super Lemon Haze and it was more than enough for me. I recently…
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Help with firecracker?

Can anybody explain how to make a firecracker? I have bud but no paper or piece i haven’t finished bringing over all my…
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allergic to peanuts

hey city. i am unfortunately allergic to peanuts. can i use soy nut butter or something similar to make a firecracker? and is…
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First firecracker

just ate my first firecracker. used about .8 to .9 on one cracker. i originally was gonna let it sit out, from sunday…
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