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Another California hash oil-extraction explosion reported

A Tustin, Calif. condominium apartment exploded over the Fourth of July weekend not due to firecrackers but, according to police, a residential cannabis…
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Do edibles work if theyre cold?

I’m making a batch of firecrackers and I want to save them for later do they still have the full effect if they’re…
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Help needed…..

Hey guys. I love almost everything about weed. I wanna make money off it. It’s not like I need the money, i just…
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okay messed up firebread,

so i was going to make firecrackers well i really didnt care unless it got me high but i accidently used bread i…
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made firecrackers

used the vaped bud from MFLB. mix cracker, organic peanut butter than bake 325 for 25 min. The high lasted 6 hours:D (only…
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Yep, another firecracker question.

Hey guys I recently bought some dankywanky peanut butter. It’s the Reese’s kind and I know that firecrackers wont work with hydrogenated oils.…
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