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Titan System

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Can anyone offer any feedback on this system? Good pricing!Via (only registered users…
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Help with grow room setup, 8X8X8

I have built an insulated grow room in the corner of my garage. I need BIG help getting the finishing design down. I…
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new bubbler milk vid

Here the video for my new HBG bubbler and flo a/c (only registered users can se the link, login or register) (only registered…
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Is this nute burn, heat, deficiency, or other? – Pics

Hey all, I am new to the forums, this is my first post. So first of all, hello all! I have been a…
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Ebb n Flo drain muffler?

I have 1 ebb n flo setup with a 2 x 4 tray where the tray sits about 5 ft above the res,…
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Seed or clone for these strains?

I have certain strains that can order directly from reliable breeders like super silver haze from mr nice or Flodica (Flo but more…
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