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Perpetual grow dimesnsions

Ive been putting my hours in here reading as much as I can while deciding on my setup. Nothing is set in stone…
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Indoor Growing : silverhaze#9 feminized info required please

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: silverhaze#9 feminized info required pleasePosted: 25January2012 at 14:50 hi my forum buddies…
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seedsman original haze

strain – original haze by seedsman indica/sativa – sativa indoor/outdoor – indoor grow w/ 400W HPS + several flourescents including repti-glo flourescent curly…
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2nd grow, First Ebb N Flow ?kush, purple haze, and xmen

Hey! New member, been using this site as a resource for awhile now though:smoke: Was planning on starting a growjournal from the start,…
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New 12 plant grow

Ok so I’m gonna b starting another 12 plant grow and I wanted to ask you guys which 3 strains I should go…
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Questions about super lemon haze?

I want to grow an exact replica of what this one guy on youtube did…he grew super lemon haze. The way he made…
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