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Dutch Passion Think Different Auto, Nirvana Northern Lights Auto – CFL, Closet Grow

Germinating them right now. Using 125 watt CFL and 4 T5 fluorescent. Fox Farm soil and nutrients. Via (only registered users can se…
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Veg Time Question..?

Hey guys. I have 17 plants under a sunblaze 48, three sunblaze 21’s and 120 watts of CFLs, all adding up to a…
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Seeds, Genes & Strains : seeds under light

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: seeds under lightPosted: 09July2012 at 17:09 i am seeking advice on fluorescent…
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Advice on first indoor grow

So after my disastrous year outdoors last year i am moving indoors and i was wondering if i could get any helpful advice…
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Whats the benefit of LEDs? I dont care what people say, Ive just seen first hand that fluorescent lights are way inferior to…
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First attempt at DWC!

My setup is: 4x4x1.5 ft dresser 5g bucket with netpop 2g bucket (made hole for netpop) Hydroton 2 line air pump 2 air…
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