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Quick help!!

is there another substitute for aluminum foil cause im out, i wanna make a quick firecracker before i head out to school please?Via…
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Edible’s & CBD’s?

I tried my first home made edibles recently to good success. I baked about 2 grams of bud in a sealed foil pouch…
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Salvia (First time)

So I bought a gram of 20x Salvia online, had properly cleaned out my bubbler, and prepared everything prior to tripping (If one…
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New Grower

hi im new to growing and this is my first attempt ever. i have the seeds in germination stages now trying to get…
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First success at passing seedling stage! Feelin a lil doubtful due to some maladies!

Soo, here it is. My first so far successful attempt at growin some babies. We got through the seedling stage, and have started…
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How do i make hash?

Like i made keif put it in aluminum foil and put it under my heel in my shoe ive been riding passenger for…
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