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New German mayor calls for cannabis cafes in Berlin

When one thinks about Germany, rarely does cannabis freedom immediately come to mind. Volkswagens, maybe, but lax pot laws? Hardlly ever. But since…
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we about to bring mother fucking freedom to another country boys

Sorry Syrian civilians but your lives are worth the price of FREEDOMVia (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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Re: Fight The MMPR Demonstrations October 1st

Don't get me wrong, I love legalization. Freedom, liberty, and justice and all. I'm just trying to think about things from both sides…
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hold on

each second each hand strike our desire increases debilitating hunger crippling ambition waiting to strike at the perfect moment never comes chasing an…
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God Must Die (2)

I don’t mean that true feeling in the heart that many know as god. I mean the god idea that can be found…
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Defeating Dictators

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Ghanian Economist explains the sordid state of African Dictatorships and how the rest…
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