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Marijuana Bricks Wash Up On Florida Beach

Broward County Sheriff’s OfficeBricks of marijuana washed up on a south Florida beach Friday morning.Shades of the 1970s! It’s Square Grouper time again…
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The Stoner and the Cutie

True story. ____________________ A cell phone alarm sounds, and with closed eyes he instinctively reaches over and shuts it off. His eyes squint…
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Kentucky Man Tells Cops His Marijuana Plants Were Burglarized

Louisville Metro CorrectionsStephen Byerly, 51, told the cops he caught two guys stealing his marijuana plantsPolice responding to a Kentucky crime scene call…
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I’m pissed

So Friday morning I came back from a vacation with some family members, friends and other close family members. During our time me…
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Human Rights Is A Foreign Concept In The UN’s War On Drugs

?Latin American Presidents’ Calls For Legalization Debate Go Unheeded At UN Drug Policy MeetingThe annual Drug War meeting of the United Nations is…
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how bad will it taste???

Wednesday morning i got some really good looking buds, later that afternoon at 3ish i packed a huge bowl of it. I took…
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