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Greets all, I’ve been mostly a reader and not much of a poster, but I have a question/advise to ask for, answer via…
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Do shady growers perfume their product?

I had a friend of a friend that I bought from regularly before I started growing. When I would meet up with him…
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New Guy From So Cal

Sup guys, my name is Damian and I live in So Cal (Antelope Valley to be more specific) been lurking here for a…
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StealthDresser…StealthCattle Pics

:wave:Why hello grasscity! This will be my 2nd legit grow, Tried a couple when I was a punk ass, you know toss a…
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Did he just?….

Rookie mistake by this guy that was smoking with us, he was a friend of a friend of a friend, anyways, this guy…
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NJ/NY area smoking prices

Hey I havent been smoking not nearly long enough as some of the more veteran members of this forum. I live in the…
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