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So one of my close friends is getting ready to go through a GED program to get his HS diploma. I wanted to…
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$40 ounce good deal?

Hey blades, I usually only smoke dank (I actually don’t remember the last time I smoked mids… probably a year and a half…
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Enjoying the Little Things

This afternoon I had the most fun I’ve had in quite a while and all I did was play fetch and chasies with…
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How to spend my first day off a 10 day t-break

Okay, so I was forced to go on a 10 day t-break because I went on vacation to Croatia. I’ll be back home…
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Really curious about medical marijuana in Michigan

I would like to start this off by saying this is my first post on this site although I have browsed it before.…
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Cannabis-Enthusiast Job Opportunity in Boston, MA

Our Mission: Recently formed right here in Boston, we?re following our vision to create a lifestyle brand in a rapidly growing industry that…
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