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so much to ask

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: so much to askPosted: 08July2012 at 17:36 ok so ive bought my…
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What is wrong with those plants?

Soil is about 5 gal of premixed soil, put into the ground. Almost 2 months old – only 2 feet. Lots of leaf…
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Can Happy Frog be used start to finish?

I have some happy frog and was wondering if it can be used "as is" from start to finish. Thinking about White Widow…
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purple power didn’t turn purple??

why would a plant with "purple genetics" not turn purple??? Purple power is supposed to be super purp and there is not any…
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Re: Guy’s and Gal’s we need some LOVE for HappyDayz !!!

Thanks Awake…… I owe a great deal of my Positive attitude to my Friend HAPPYDAYZ…… I do know he is a very special…
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Good morning grass city :-)

Lets start the day with some positive vibes. reply to the thread and give a rep point to the guy/gal that posted before…
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