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Re: World of Tanks

Sounds fun, wish i had the time. Games are a thing of the past for me currently, i play real life right now.…
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Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn

Anyone got it? alot of server issues at the moment but I made a character on japanese server (hades) and not ran into…
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Bert Jansch

Discovered a new musician to love. (only registered users can se the link, login or register) :bigjoint: The RevVia (only registered users can…
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Fucking Lump

About a month ago, I saw a lump on my breast. Yep, it’s big enough to see. I having trouble knowing what to…
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No arcade for Reds?

Tried to play a game in the arcade here and it says the admins disabled my user group from playing games. Might wanna…
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Fried card

I was wondering if anyone could tell just by looking at this that it is fried? It’s and nvidia 9800gt pretty sure it’s…
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