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Preparing the space – Ed Rosenthal

No matter how large or small the gar­den, all of the plants’ needs must be met. Although techniques for deliver­ingthem may vary with…
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Wreckage Regular Seeds

A brand new mix of two super hybrids, the world famous original Arcata TrainWreck and THSeeds’s #1 plant S.A.G.E. THSeeds have chosen these…
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Indoor Growing Spaces that growers use to cultivate cannabis

In this issue we have decided to take a closer look at the Indoor Growing Spaces that growers use to cultivate cannabis. Growers…
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I have a small garden that’s about a meter square and I’ve used CO2 before in theform ofdub soda without salt added (seltzer).…
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If price is not an issue would you recommend using bottled water or would you stick with tap water? Gabe Before you can…
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Foolproof – super-cheap hydro – Marihuana grow report

Are you looking for an inexpensive hydro system that is simple to set up, needs no electricity, takes little time to maintain, operates…
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