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BubbaOG/Headband/Jack; Automated DTW set-up, LST, general progress PICS

Just wanted to post an update: Strains: -Dr.Greenthumb’s Bubba OG Kush(4) and Headband(3) -A Jack Herer, from a seed I found in an…
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Sick from vaping oil

I usually vape sativas. I like that light trippy sort of high. The other day I vaped some oil using an eclipse. Afterwards…
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Sealed / liquid cooled tent grow supply list – am I missing anything?

Greetings blades 🙂 After a reminder from life over the past 9 months or so that shit never goes *quite* how you plan,…
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Please help my God’s Gift, she’s flowering.

She looks N deficient she two weeks into flowering. Have her nitrogen rich guano through veg she two weeks into flower now and…
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Holder Urged To Oppose Colorado Cannabis Legalization Initiative

Smart ColoradoThey always seem to trot out the kids. Aren’t there adults in Colorado too — who get to make adult decisions?U.S. Attorney…
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possible phosphurus def? pics included

Plants are just over 5 weeks old. they are outside in 7 gallon pots. Im using General hydro flora 3 part series, and…
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