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im stuck and could use some help

okay so heres the situation. Im making a grow box thats 6 foot tall 4 foot wide and 3 foot deep…. the problem…
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smoking in the furnace room?

i was wondering what would happen if i smoked in the furnace room…? like the room that has all those generators for heating…
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Metro Last Light

Sup all thought I would tell you about the new sequel to Metro 2033 (aka one of the most underrated games of all…
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How to clean my gasmask pipe?

I’m assuming the glass detaches at the mouth of the mask but before i start yanking on it i’d like to know if…
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How much do you mask your convos with a dealer ?

I was just talking about buying something and i wondered if you guys cover up you talk? Like not saying: "HEY DUDE I…
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Home made smoke buddy

I’ve been hearing a lot about the smoke buddy, so I decided I wanted one. I went to my towns only head shop,…
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