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Just got my first bong :)

I don’t have a camera atm (phone broke) but is it worth it for $180? 18" Sour beaker bottom and dome perc and…
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[My newish glass piece] I dont have a name for it yet?

I Think I may name him mushy, If you turn it mouthpiece downwards it looks like a toadstool :hello: (only registered users can…
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buying a newbong need help

i live in Canada and am buying a new bong and would appreciate any input i was thinking about this one(only registered users…
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Nice new bong I got for only 25$ (TRUE Glass)

The company is called TRUE Glass. Never heard of them before but the bong looked nice so I got it. Here’s a few…
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Cannabis vs. Cancer: The Covert War

All photos by Sharon LettsSharon Letts uses one big handful of fresh chopped leaves per one glass of purchased green drink to make…
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Sweet New Peice

What’s up fellow blades? Just got my newest piece yesterday from my local LHS and got to smoke some no name dank threw…
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