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Road Trip: In Search of Good Medicine – Hercules Health

Hercules Health Center is located in a state-o-the-art medical facility in Hercules, California, just north of OaklandStory and Photos by Sharon LettsHercules Health…
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Road Trip: In Search Of Good Medicine In Sac Town

She’s The Brains, He’s The Strains: On The Road With Craig & SharonStory and Photos by Sharon LettsStrain Review by Craig Carroll???????Introduction: Changing…
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Pre ’98 Bubba Kush – 2 weeks curing

So…..I’ve grown this strain a few times, but never this meticulously. This time, I couldn’t have asked for more. Looks: light green, small…
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High CBD strains in seattle/WA….discuss?

When I got my Rx, my doctor gave me this list of high CBD strains, strains that would be most beneficial to managing…
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