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White spots forming on multiple leaves

First time growing and my plants are looking really healthy but the otherday white spots started to appear on a couple different leaves…
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Seedling Cotyledons Folded Upwards – New Set of Leaves is Scrunched in Help Me Out!

My seedlings are looking great. Now I can’t really do pics cuz my cell phone pics fucking SUCK but I’ll try and get…
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Silencing a Vortex

Hey all, So i stumbled upon a 4" Vortex fan, things pretty loud. Luckily, I want to cool a 400 w hid in…
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G13 Haze Seedsman – Cannabis Seeds

So, BrummieFarmer on the cheap mission again. This time it’s G13 Haze from Seedsman and after all the hype about the CIA creating…
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