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Elmers Glue – Relentless Seeds – 4’X4′ Gorilla, 3X3 Jardin – Gavita, 6000K – PPK

Sown six seeds @ 9:00 pm. Supposed to receive seven seeds, but I didn’t count and possibly lost it? I crawled around for…
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Anyone have experience with Gorilla Grow Tents?

Sup blades, I just moved into a bigger house and I’m ready to move into the big leagues 😎 Ok, maybe not THE…
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Geneticists go ape for better primate family tree

Thought this was an interesting read. It seems strange to me that humans would evolve from only one source. (only registered users can…
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How should i start my babies?

Im doing my first ever grow this season gorilla style and I was wondering should I germinate then start in solo cups outside…
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Gorilla Genome Shows New Human Links

The first full genome analysis has revealed that 15% of gorillas’ genetic code is closer between humans and gorillas than it is between…
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Stashing in a shoe.

We’ve all owned shoes that have had the soles coming off, right? You can probably guess where this is going. Has anyone else…
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