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a lil slideshow of my dank i usually pick up off my local dealer

Well here’s a few pictures of some cheese,amnesia haze,and some other good shit smuggled in from amsterdam to my local dealer.:bongin: stay high!…
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Making Firecrackers with Soft Cookies?

yeah so i got the PB, and the green but no crackers i got like 2 soft double fudge cookies that each are…
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Just ate a resin firecracker:

Pro’s: Tastes like cooked penutbutter + cracker (NOT LIKE WEED OR HOW I EXPECTED IT AT-ALL) Gets you a tinybit high Con’s: My…
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Firecracker=hell on earth

I just ate a burned fire cracker and I wanted to die the entire proccess…i’ve aten one thats not burned and it doesn’t…
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