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My Goals/Progression

I got my other thread deleted because it was a vast variety of different topics and subjects, and I figured that I’d just…
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Fish oil and Cannabis

I forget exactly what the interaction was, but could someone (Granny!? :wave:) explain the benefit of the Omega-3? I remember something about it…
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Hey Granny! I need your help!

Ok, I don’t know If I missed it or not in your long list of links, and I did a couple hours of…
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Dear Granny StormCrow. I love you.

Youre an encyclopedia of cannabis knowledge. Marry me? Thats probably so creepy. But I just finished a bowl, so Im feelin the love…
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High CBD strains in seattle/WA….discuss?

When I got my Rx, my doctor gave me this list of high CBD strains, strains that would be most beneficial to managing…
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Granny Told Me To Use Marijuana For Ear Problems: African Man

?A court in the African nation of Zambia has convicted and sentenced a 24-year-old man to six months in prison with hard labor…
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