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Elements001 – Greener Grass

I figure it’s about time to start up a Grow Journal to keep all my thoughts and ideas in order. Currently have a…
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Kentucky residents want their grass (and not the blue kind)

Nearly 80 percent of Kentuckians approve of legalizing medical marijuana and roughly a quarter of the state would be open to outright legalization,…
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Grasscity, Pennsylvania

What’s up everyone? :poke: I guess you could call me Plaksa on here. I’m chill, laid back, and love discussing grass….. and I…
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Tips on first time growing cabinet

Hello grass city community, I think this will only be my second post. The other post I made a while back didn’t receive…
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Russian City Mistakenly Plants Field Of Marijuana Instead Of Grass

The Moscow TimesA lush field of marijuana was discovered on city land near a metro station in Moscow, Russia after apparently being accidentally…
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How’d I get so high?

So last night I went outside while my parents were watching tv and wanted to take 5-6 hits. I smoke from a cigarette…
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