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1st vert grow (wall of green)

Hi guys, so I decided after years to go vert. My setup right now is 2x600W. I will add more info on the…
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First The Green Rush, Now The Green Rash

Mario Piperni dot ComWhat I learned from watching the Republican Convention was that nowadays you can basically lie about anything as long as…
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First time growing problems

Hi all i am new here I have Afghan kush at home first weeks it was good Green fat leaves and etc But…
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Sweet and/or Sour Pussy?

My guy sold me a dimebag of some "new strain" he had. He told me it was Sweet and/or Sour Pussy, sweet or…
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Cops stole my bong

My brother was driving home from his mates house with my RooR 18" Behemoth Green label beaker, my spacecase grinder and 5gs of…
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‘They Should Not Be Allowed To Impede Access To Marijuana’

Jill Stein for PresidentJill Stein: “As a medical doctor myself, I am a strong proponent of legalization”Exclusive Interview: Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill…
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